We Tell the Story of The Public Research University of the Future

University Communications works with communicators, designers, digital ninjas and content generators across campus to create world-class content and experiences that heighten the university's brand and reputation globally. Using compelling marketing and communications, we aim to advance a vision of The University of Texas at Austin as the research university of the future, driven by excellence.

Our Guiding Principles

Set New Standards

Seek to be the best in higher education marketing and communications. Push boundaries, raise expectations and create an efficient and effective operation.

Elevate the Brand

Support the president's strategic goals while exciting our audiences with the long-term promise of the UT brand.

Create Inspiring Content

Bring to life achievements of the UT community. Integrate communications approach across channels. Engage audiences through calls to action and sharable content.

Stay on Strategy

Align communications with university priorities. Pursue integrated, strategic communications across campus and within CSUs.


Increase awareness and excitement about knowledge emanating from UT Austin.

Position UT Austin as a launchpad for future leaders.

Show how work across campus is helping to change the delivery of health education.

Demonstrate UT's value to the people of Texas and the nation.